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Park County, MT



Shields Valley

Paradise Valley


The PCECC was founded in 2010 and is run primarily by a collective contribution of non-profit partners. In recent months, the coalition switched from a City of Livingston position to a position within the Livingston Public School system. With this transition, our three main goals shifted to attend to the current childcare crisis. 

1. Increase accessibility of childcare within Park County and aid in providing more opportunity for childcare facilities across the county. Work closely with political members to align agendas and create change. 

2. Improve the quality of existing childcare facilities by providing appropriate school-readiness materials and resources to better prepare students for Kindergarten both academically and social-emotionally.


3. Assist in creating and providing appropriate academic and developmental activities for the early childhood cohort in our community and actively use marketing and media to share these opportunities. 


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